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Jim P. Godfrey is the founder of JPG Security Consulting who partners with AZ Alarm Company. Jim is a former Police Officer who has served as a Law Enforcement Trainer, DARE Officer, Media Relations Officer, Crime Prevention Officer, Regional President of the Crime Prevention Association and was awarded “Officer of the Year” in 2004. He was also an Adult Safety Facilitator in the corporate environment.

Jim is a Military Veteran and served in the Gulf War. He has a Masters Degree in Adult Education, which allows him to easily translate his safety knowledge to the public.

Jim always ensures to speak one-on-one to all of the individuals that support AZ Alarm Company. In addition, he believes that providing FREE home security systems with DISCOUNTED monitoring will make the world a safer place for everyone. Jim has been featured on local television and radio broadcasts sharing his knowledge about today’s security systems. He also believes in giving back to his neighborhood.

AZ Alarm Company and JPG support disabled veterans, fallen police officers’ families and other various local not-for-profit organizations.


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